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Slug Test

When: Online Anytime - take this course anytime, for 4 hours or more, online at your convenience.
Location: Virtual Groundwater Academy
Instructor: Gary A. Robbins, Ph.D., Ram's Horn Educational, LLC. 
Pricing: $179

Course Description:

The assessment and remediation of groundwater contamination requires knowing the magnitude and distribution of the hydraulic conductivity of soils and sediments. Slug testing of monitoring wells has become the most common means of determining hydraulic conductivity at contamination sites. In this course through the use of a slide presentation and simulations, you will learn how to properly conduct and analyze slug tests. The course stresses the use of slug testing in formations having lower conductivity (<0.005 cm/s) where response is overdamped. Material covered includes how to perform slug in, slug out and displacement tests. You will be provided guidance on how to match well geometries to the appropriate models for analysis. Also, the course covers equipment needs, how to develop wells, and when slug test are and are not appropriate.

In this course you will learn how to determine hydraulic conductivity of a formation from slug testing. 

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This course has been approved by the Massachusetts LSP Board for 4 credits as LSP course #1463. It is also approved by the Connecticut LEP Board for 4 credits and for 4 PDH credits in New York.   

The course entails at least 4 hours of effort.  All required assignments must be submitted and adequately completed, to the satisfaction and approval of the course instructor, in order to obtain CEUs.  Participants have 30 days after registration to submit required material.  Participants will be issued course completion certificates by mail.

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You will also need Microsoft Excel.

More Information

The slide presentation focuses on how tests are performed, critical factors influencing tests, test limitations and sources of error, and how to choose the appropriate test method and solution. At critical points in the slide presentation, participants will conduct slug test simulations that mimic real world testing and analyze the data obtained using spreadsheets. They will conduct a “virtual” conventional slug test for review, as well as simulations of a pneumatic over-damped slug test and a pneumatic under-damped slug test. Data analysis is conducted using provided spreadsheets. Participants may also download a demo version of commercial software to use in analyzing data.

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