MassDEP/LSP Association Continuing Education Seminar

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): The Latest Information  

When: Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Registration begins at 7:30 AM)
Location: Holiday Inn, 700 Myles Standish Blvd, Taunton, MA
Cost: $150 for all attendees

This course has been approved for 2.0 Technical and 2.0 LSP "DEP Course" Regulatory continuing education credits (#1608). This course was recently presented at the 33rd Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy in Amherst, MA.

  • Elizabeth Denly, Senior Quality Assurance Chemist, TRC Environmental Corporation
  • Michael Eberle, Program Manager, TRC Environmental Corporation
  • Kenneth F. Gray, Esq., Partner, Pierce Atwood LLP
  • Paul Locke, Assistant Commissioner, BWSC, MassDEP
  • James Occhialini, Vice President, Alpha Analytical Laboratories
  • Jenny Phillips, DABT, Director Risk Assessment and Toxicology, TRC Environmental Corporation
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Course Description:
PFAS are a large group of man-made fluorine-containing chemicals with unique properties to make materials to which they are applied stain and stick-resistant and are used to repel oil and water from clothing, carpeting, and furniture, in food packaging, and on non-stick surfaces on cookware.  PFAS are very resistant to breakdown, migrate easily, and concentrate in the food chain.  As a result, they may be found throughout the environment in groundwater, surface water, soil, and air.
PFAS may be present at MCP sites as a result of current or past releases associated with the manufacturing, use, or disposal of products containing these chemicals.  PFAS are considered hazardous materials under MGL Chapter 21E and potential Contaminants of Concern (COCs).
PFAS meet the definition of a hazardous material under Chapter 21E, § 2 and 310 CMR 40.0006(12).  Reportable Concentrations and Method 1 Cleanup Standards have not yet been established under the MCP for PFAS.  However, a notifiable condition would exist under the MCP at 310 CMR 40.0311 for PFAS releases that pose an Imminent Hazard pursuant to 310 CMR 40.0311. A Method 2 and/or Method 3 Risk Characterization would apply to the characterization of risk at a disposal site with PFAS as COCs. 

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