LSPA Continuing Education Seminar

Using UVOST, TarGOST and DyeLIF to Characterize NAPL 

When: Thursday, July 23, 2020  
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM  EST
Live Webinar via Zoom
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Course Instructor: Randy St. Germain, President, Dakota Technologies, Inc. (View Instructor Biography)

This course has been submitted to the LSP Board of Registration for 2.0 technical credits. This course is also being submitted for 2 technical NJ LSRP CEC credits.


Webinar Description: 

Non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) releases are of substantial interest because NAPL acts as a recalcitrant source for aqueous phase contaminants such as benzene, toluene, xylenes, naphthalene, and poly-cyclic aromatics; NAPL also poses potential direct contact hazards to aquatic life and humans. The webinar will discuss laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) for characterizing the nature and extent of subsurface NAPL bodies from releases of refined fuels, crude oil, creosote, coal tar, and chlorinated solvents. Successful remediation of these NAPL releases depends on the development of accurate conceptual site models, but this is often prevented by unexpectedly complicated spatial distribution of NAPLs in the subsurface.  The webinar will outline:

  • The soil/NAPL properties being measured with direct push delivered LIF instrumentation,
  • How the LIF response varies with NAPL type and degree of saturation,
  • How to select the optimum LIF technologies for your sites, and
  • How to properly interpret LIF data.

LIF systems to be discussed include UVOST for petroleum releases, TarGOST for coal tar and creosotes, and DyeLIF for chlorinated DNAPLs such as PCE and TCE.  High resolution site characterization case studies will be reviewed for several commonly encountered NAPLs. 

Please review the course agenda to see what topics will be covered during this 2-hour webinar. There will be time for questions and answers throughout webinar. 

LIF Overtime Opportunity! 
Join Randy St. Germain and Steve Boynton for "LIF Overtime" after the formal presentation. Additional case-studies will be presented, and more time will be available for Q&A. Interested participants may also submit LIF logs for discussion and analysis. Logs should be submitted as pdf files to Steve at [email protected]. Please note: additional credit is not available for participating in the "LIF Overtime" presentation.  

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