June 12, 2017
The LSPA unveiled the following monthly compliance tip on June 8, 2017 at the LSPA Membership Meeting in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Every three years following issuance of her/his license, an LSP must demonstrate that s/he has earned a minimum of 48 continuing education credits.  Of these, at least 12 of the 48 credits must be earned at LSP Board-approved “DEP Course(s)”.  
No fewer than 8 credits must be from LSP Board-approved courses classified as “Regulatory.” The balance of the 48 required credits may be earned by attending any LSP Board-approved course, conference, or conference workshop. 
 309 CMR 3.09(3)(a) and (b)
 Three things to remember:
  1. Some “DEP Courses” are also “Regulatory.” 
  2. But not all “Regulatory” courses are also “DEP Course(s).”
  3. If a course is classified as a “DEP Course” and a “Regulatory” course (listed as “DEP Course” Regulatory or DEP/Regulatory), it can be applied toward both the 12-credit “DEP Course” requirement and the 8-credit “Regulatory” requirement.

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