LSPA Continuing Education Seminar
Environmental Symposium 2023

Resilient Remediation: Addressing Climate Change and Greener Cleanups in Waste Site Response Actions 

When: Tuesday, April 4, 2023  
Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST 
Location: Doubletree Hotel, 5400 Computer Drive, Westborough, MA
Cost: $200 Members | $350 Non-Members
Course Instructors:  

  • Catharine Rockwell, PE, Woodard & Curran
  • Marilyn Wade, PE, LSP, Brown and Caldwell
  • Susan Chapnick, MS, New Environmental Horizons
  • Michele Paul, LSP, City of New Bedford
  • Theodore Wickwire, MFS, Woods Hole Group
  • Katherine Elich, MS, Woodard & Curran

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Available Credits
4.0 MA LSP Technical Credits - Approved
4.0 CT LEP Credits - Pending
4.0 NY PE Credits - Pending
4.0 NY PG Credits - Pending

LSPA Environmental Symposium:
This course is being held during the LSPA Environmental Symposium 2023. Details on the day's events can be found here.

Course Description: 

Accepting that climate change is upon us and will affect how cleanup strategies are developed and implemented, the presenters will provide context and use hands-on tools to explore stepwise planning for near- and long-term climate change in the selection and design of waste site cleanup response actions. The course will also explore the options available to minimize the carbon footprint and provide opportunities to incorporate greener cleanup options in site response actions. The hands-on toolkit and checklist-based approach to the course material makes it ideal not only for LSPs,  but also for project teams and junior staff who may be researching the climate settings and backgrounds, and greener cleanup options in support of specific cleanup projects. 

Part 1 will focus on the toolkit developed by the LSPA’s Climate Change Subcommittee in  anticipation of the pending MCP amendments.  The tools are available for use in all phases of the remediation process and can be customized to meet the needs of individual sites. The toolkit includes:

  • The MCP Climate Change Evaluation Flowchart
  • A Vulnerability Assessment Checklist
  • The MCP Climate Change Glossary of Terms and Technical Resources

Part 2 of the course will focus on the evaluation and implementation of greener cleanups at remediation sites. The goal of implementing greener cleanups is to maximize the net environmental benefit when conducting response actions at MCP disposal sites.   WSC #14-150 references several standards that will be discussed,  including USEPA guidance, the ASTM Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups (E2893-16), and guidance published by ITRC.  This course will also review case studies where the ASTM Greener Cleanups BMP Process was implemented and will provide hands-on training for using USEPA’s Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis (SEFA) workbooks.

An outline of the full four-hour course is presented here.

The course is full and registration has closed. Please email [email protected] to be added to the wait list.  

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