LSPA’s WES Professional Practice Grant

The Wesley E. Stimpson (WES) Professional Practice Grant was created to commemorate the exemplary leadership, dedication and service of Wesley E. Stimpson, PE, LSP, to the professional practice of hazardous waste site cleanup and to the LSP Association.  The grant is to be used for the advancement of the professional practice of Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs).  

The LSPA encourages members to develop and submit proposals for WES Grant funds.  The granting schedule for FY 16 will be announced in this space once it is final.  

To be considered for this award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a member of the LSP Association.
  • The funded effort will produce a tangible product, such as a technical paper, an event, a research tool, a presentation at an LSPA event or another appropriate product as determined by the Review Committee.
  • The product will advance the state of the practice of rendering LSP Opinions or the professionalism of LSPs participating in the MCP program, or will educate the public and participating parties as to the contributions made by practicing LSPs.
  • The level of effort involved in the project, as well as the product itself, should go beyond the levels already achieved routinely through the efforts of the LSPA's dedicated volunteers.
  • The product will be produced in less than six months.
  • The applicant will contribute time, services or materials of at least a similar value to the award amount requested.
  • At a minimum, the product or project results will be documented and made readily available in written form, such as publication in the LSPA Technical Journal, LSPA News, LSPA website, or a public forum.
  • All applicants are expected to include specific measurable project goals and timelines in their proposals. Grant awards are subject to a Memorandum of Understanding between the LSPA and the Grantee that documents the grant use, goals and conditions. 

The LSPA is pleased to be able to offer this exciting opportunity to contribute to advancing the practice, and we encourage interested members to apply for a grant. More details regarding the WES Professional Practice Grant application process are available here.

Read the list of Current and Past Grant Awards and Recipients here. 

Please contact Wendy Rundle, Executive Director, at 617-977-4304 with any questions.