GEI Consultants conduct sediment remediation at New Bedford MGP Site Past Presidents, LSPA's 20th Anniversary Dinner, October 2013.  (Photo courtesy of Tom Barrasso) Join us for timely presentations at monthly meetings; public is welcome. Haley & Aldrich, Inc. conducts final stages of soil remediation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Charlestown, MA

LSPA News & Announcements

August 18, 2014
Updated TCE Documents
MassDEP has recently made minor revisions to two TCE-related documents (last updated in March, 2014). 
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June 20, 2014
Request for Information on EPH Results
The LSPA Technical Practices Committee is looking for information from members on situations where non-petroleum related compounds could possibly have impacted EPH hydrocarbon ranges.  Read More

June 20, 2014
Provisions of the Amended MCP are Fully in Effect
The 2014 MCP is fully in effect.  While most provisions took effect on June 20, 2014, there were certain regulations that became effective on April 25, 2014.  The "unofficial" version of the MCP is available on the DEP website, along with new MCP Questions and Answers.  Read More 

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Cleaning up Massachusetts


Top Takeaways from July 31, 2014 BWSC AUL Guidance Review Meeting
Matt Young, Senior Project Manager and Dave Leone, LSP, Senior Project Manager  Read More 

Who's Paying for this Cleanup? Insurance at CERCLA & 21E Sites
James J. Decoulos, P.E., LSP; James Curtis, P.E., LSP; Richard Eurich, Esq.; and Arthur Kreiger, Esq.  Read More