Emerging Professionals Committee

  • Do you, or does someone you know, have less than 8 years of experience working with the MCP Regulations?
  • Do you have a desire to create programs about environmental consulting in Massachusetts?
  • Are you an undergraduate or graduate student exploring career possibilities?

The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) is dedicated to providing educational and social programs for professionals who are new to environmental consulting in Massachusetts. Bring your ideas and energy as we work together to shape the future of the LSP industry!

In addition to several other events, the EPC holds two annual events of great interest. 

LSP Exam Prep & Overview features newly licensed LSPs discussing their experiences preparing for and taking the LSP exam.  The most recent videos, which include Q & A sessions, are provided below.  This continues to be a timely event for anyone planning to take the exam soon, as well as for those curious about (and perhaps intimidated by) the prospect.

2022 recording (90 minutes) includes two LSPs licensed in 2021 as well as someone who applied to take the exam, had her application denied, then resubmitted it and was waiting for approval to take the exam.  (Spoiler alert:  Her application was accepted and she passed the exam in 2022!) 

2021 recording (90 minutes) includes two LSPs licensed in 2019 and another LSP licensed in 2020. 

To LSP or Not to LSP: Career Path Considerations in Environmental Consulting presents a four-speaker panel discussing and answering questions about various career track options in the Environmental Assessment and Remediation Industry, their backgrounds, and how they landed in their current roles.

2023 recording (80 minutes) includes an LSP, Senior Technical Specialist, Senior Engineer and Hyrdogeologist
2021 recording (65 minutes) includes an LSP, Environmental Attorney, Risk Assessor, and Regional Sales Manager.

Learn more about the EPC and connect with committee chairs here.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Alexandria Suding

GEI Consultants, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Phone:   812.592.3545

Allie Bailey 

Roux Associates
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 508.308.0078


The Emerging Professionals Committee’s FY ‘24 meeting schedule 

April 10, 2024
5:40 PM 

Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center
1657 Worcester Rd 
Framingham, MA

This Emerging Professionals Committee will be meeting at 5:40 PM in Commons 2 immediately before the April 2024 Membership Meeting.  Please contact the committee chairs for additional information.