What a difference a few weeks can make.   As we write, the sun is shining and the once looming snow banks are quickly turning to puddles.  Just a few weeks ago it was a much different picture.  

This photo was taken on March 6, 2015 by Brad Cousineau, Environmental Scientist at SAGE Environmental, out of Pawtucket, RI.   While working with colleagues at a Brownfields redevelopment Site in western Massachusetts, conducting low-flow groundwater sampling, the snow pack on the roof of an adjacent mill building starting inching  its way over the side. 

Brad says that he was fumbling with his phone “in an attempt to capture the avalanche via video when gravity took over and I luckily snapped the picture.”  And what a dramatic shot it is.  Brad reports that the snow pack that fell was two feet deep. 

So, as always, be aware of “local conditions” as you conduct your work.  And hopefully we won’t see this much snow until…..next winter?