About the LSP Association

The LSP Association (LSPA), founded in 1993, is a professional association of 850 members, about half of whom are Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs).

The LSPA supports an aggressive agenda that protects the health and safety of Massachusetts' citizens while expediting the cleanup and reuse of properties contaminated with hazardous waste.  LSPs have brought over 30,000 contaminated properties into regulatory compliance since 1993. LSPA members work with lawmakers, regulators, and other environmental professionals to revitalize older industrial neighborhoods through the redevelopment of "brownfield" sites.

The LSPA's mission is to:

  • Help members achieve and maintain a standard of practice commensurate with their level of responsibility in overseeing the assessment and remediation of hazardous waste disposal sites
  • Serve as the voice of the membership in communicating with MassDEP and the LSP Board of Registration
  • Act as the responsible advocate for our membership with respect to regulations, policies, and practices that affect the LSP profession
  • Serve as an educational, informational and communications resource for members and the general public
  • Provide members with a forum for timely topics and professional issues; education programs; and technical and professional information

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