LSP Association Peer Review

The LSP Association offers a Peer Review Program to its LSP members to provide them with an opportunity to have the content and presentation of certain MCP Reports and Opinions reviewed by another LSP prior to filing with MassDEP. The Reports and Opinions included in this program are Permanent or Temporary Solution filings, Phase Reports, Periodic Reviews of Temporary Solutions, Immediate Response Action and Release Abatement Measure Completion Reports, and Downgradient Property Status submittals.

The peer review is intended to have the same level of detail as a MassDEP Level 1 audit conducted using MassDEP’s screening form. Recognizing the need for timeliness, Reviewers will commit to completing their work within two weeks of receiving the documents.

The Peer Review service has been designed to be cost-effective. The Reviewers receive no fee for their services, but LSPs using the service are requested to make a $200 donation to the LSPA Scholarship Fund. All inquiries and reviews are handled in strict confidence. An Agreement for the Review is required between the Reviewer and the Reviewee to memorialize the agreement for strict confidentiality.

To initiate a Peer Review, an application should be completed and submitted to the LSPA

c/o Wendy Rundle, Executive Director, 405 Concord Ave #352, Belmont, MA 02478 OR email [email protected]. She will contact the Applicant to discuss the process and the selection of a Reviewer. Once confirmed, the Reviewer will contact the Applicant directly for a preliminary discussion about the site, and arrange for delivery of the report and a completed Technical Screening Audit form.

More information about the program can be obtained by emailing the LSPA Executive Director, Wendy Rundle, in confidence or by calling her at 617-977-4304.

LSP Peer Review Program Documents: