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LSPA's Home Heating Oil Insurance Bill Still Positioned for Passage
September 19, 2022
The Legislature’s Formal Session ended on July 31, 2022, without passage of the LSPA’s bill, An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases. The LSPA was thrilled that the bill passed the Senate in April 2022 with a unanimous roll-call vote, indicating that Senators wanted to be on-record as supporting our bill. It was then sent to the House Committee on Ways and Means but did not advance in time for closure of the formal session. Read full update here.  

LSPA Introduces September 2022 Practice Tip of the Month
September 14, 2022
The LSPA introduced its September 2022 Practice Tip of the Month, which was presented virtually at the September 2022 Membership Meetings on September 14, 2022. Read the new practice tip here
LSPA Members Get Discount at Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy
September 9, 2022
The LSP Association (LSPA) is proud to support the 38th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy (aka "The UMass Soils Conference") as an event sponsor. The conference is back to being held in person this year! As part of this sponsorship, all LSPA members are eligible to receive a discounted registration fee. Click here to learn more about redeeming your discount. Learn more.

Interested in Participating in an LSPA Work Group on Historic Fill/Anthropogenic Background?
August 10, 2022
Members of the LSPA’s Technical Practices Committee are creating a Work Group to review these documents on Historic Fill/Anthropogenic Background. Learn how you can participate in the Work Group here 

Resources for Evaluating the Dust Inhalation Pathway and Impacts for Residents
July 28, 2022
Dust inhalation as a health issue has received increasing scrutiny at construction and remediation sites nationwide and in Massachusetts. Historically, the focus has been on the inhalation of respirable particulates by workers; fortunately, instrumentation is readily available that provides real-time worksite data for particulate concentrations in air. Learn more here

Legislative Updates

MA Senate Passes Home Heating Oil Insurance Bill

The LSPA is excited to announce that on April 14, 2022, the MA  Senate passed the LSPA’s bill, An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases.   

This is a significant step forward but there is more work to be done before this bill becomes law.   The bill is now with the House Committee on Ways and Means for consideration.  The LSPA’s Legislative Committee will work on moving the bill through the House of Representatives before July 31, 2022.  

Many thanks to Senator Anne Gobi for sponsoring and championing this bill for three legislative sessions, to Senator Michael Rodrigues, and to the many media outlets that helped bring widespread visibility to this issue.




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Emerging Professionals Resource 

Career Path Considerations 

The LSPA's Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) is dedicated to providing educational & social programs for professionals who are new to environmental consulting in Massachusetts. 

In November 2021, the EPC presented, “To LSP or Not to LSP" Career Path Considerations in Environmental Consulting. A panel of four speakers discussed various career track options in the Environmental Assessment and Remediation Industry, their backgrounds and how they ended up in their current role. This video will provide new professionals and college/grad students with information about various careers they can pursue within the industry.

The 90-minute video of this event is available here for your viewing, and also includes an extended Q&A session.   

Learn more about the EPC and connect with committee chairs here.

Connect with EPC Here