Join the LSPA

Membership in the LSP Association offers substantial benefits, including discounts on course and meeting registrations, and up-to-date information on practice issues. All memberships run on the calendar year (beginning in January and expiring in December). We encourage members to become involved with our many committees; membership participation is vital to the Association. Different types of memberships address a range of circumstances.

Membership in the LSPA provides:

  • Continuing education and training courses covering state-of-the-art environmental topics such as cost-effective assessment approaches, current regulatory policy and guidance, and innovative cleanup strategies.
  • Free or discounted registration for our monthly membership meetings, which cover timely environmental practice issues such as Evaluating LNAPL, Managing Vapor Intrusion, Understanding MassDEP’s Audit and Enforcement Process, and The Challenges of Soil Management.
  • Listing in the LSPA's web-based directory of members.
  • Up-to-date information and professional development opportunities through regular email blasts, our newsletter, the Peer Review Program, and the LSPA Technical Journal covering technical practice issues.
  • Discounted rates for LSPA-sponsored technical conferences.
  • Advocacy through LSPA input to MassDEP, the LSP Board of Registration, and the state legislature.
  • Networking opportunities in meetings, conferences and workgroups.

Membership Levels

Full Membership:

Available to anyone holding a current license to practice as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) in Massachusetts
Annual Fee: $175

>>To join as a Full Member, click here.

Associate Membership:

Available to non-LSPs who are engaged in hazardous waste site evaluation and remediation or related fields, including environmental professionals who have not yet received their licenses, laboratory personnel, environmental attorneys, risk assessors, hazardous waste contractors, and other associated professionals
Annual Fee: $125

>>To join as an Associate Member, click here.

Public Agency and Non-Profit Membership: 

Available to anyone whose primary employment is with a Public Agency involved in the regulation of oil and hazardous materials, or to anyone whose primary employment is with an allied not-for-profit organization.
Annual Fee: $20.

>>To join as a Public Member, click here.

Student Membership:

Available to teachers and students of subjects related to oil and hazardous materials and pollution abatement in accredited universities, colleges or other centers of learning.
Annual Fee: $20.

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Job Seeker Membership:

Available to individuals who are currently seeking employment in the environmental industry. Please complete the membership form using the promotional code "jobseeker" to receive a discounted membership fee of $20. 
Annual Fee: $20.

>>To join as a Job Seeker, click here.

Emeritus Membership:

The LSPA would like to encourage professionals to remain involved in the LSPA and the profession as they enter their last three years of LSP licensure while continuing to work, or after they retire and step back from full-time work. These individuals possess experience and knowledge from which we can all benefit, through their continued participation in committee meetings, membership meetings, and mentorship. The Emeritus or “Last Three Years” members will enjoy all the benefits of LSPA membership including voting rights, committee service, board membership, member rates at events for which they do not want LSP credit, subscription to the LSPA newsletter, and access to the member pages of the website.  If a “Last Three Year” LSP should desire LSP credit from an LSPA event, the LSP should rejoin the LSPA as a Full Member.


  • The professional must have been an LSPA member (Full or Associate) for at least 10 years, not necessarily consecutively.
  • The professional must have entered their last three years of LSP licensure while continuing to work, or formally retired from paid employment in the environmental field. The LSPA recognizes that a professional may still continue to do limited work after formal retirement.
  • If the professional holds professional licenses (e.g. LSP, P.E., etc.), that person may retain his or her license after retirement and still qualify for this status.

Annual Fee: $20.

>>To join as an Emeritus Memberclick here.

The procedure to join the LSPA is simple. Click on the links above to join. 

If you have any questions about LSP Association membership, please feel free to contact us.