Hardly the title for a stellar course, right?  WRONG!

These two smiling, smart people received rave reviews from course participants:

Bernie was one of the best presenters I have heard in an LSPA course, he did such an excellent job keeping everyone's attention and inserting humor into a very dry topic.

Absolutely terrific. I cannot commend them enough.

Most useful stat class I have had.

On May 22nd, the LSPA held its second offering this year of the course on UCLs and EPCs using ProUCL, taught by Professor Bernard J. Morzuch, Department of Resource Economics, UMass Amherst, and Jane Parkin Kullmann, Senior Risk Assessor, Wood Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Over 150 practitioners took the course.

This course was extremely timely given the 2019 Proposed MCP Revisions to EPCs.