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Notes from BWSC Advisory Committee, and Comment Period on MA Climate Change Assessment Report

Notes from BWSC Advisory Committee

MassDEP’s Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup Advisory Committee met on October 27, 2022 for several hours. Typically, MassDEP posts the slides and recordings of Advisory Committee meetings here. At this time, these have not yet been posted.

A brief summary of meeting highlights is provided below.

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MassDEP's Listening Session on Management of Contaminated Soil

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, MassDEP held a listening session to learn more about the issues and challenges related to managing contaminated soil. The meeting was hosted by MassDEP’s Liz Callahan (Acting Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup), Greg Cooper (Division Director, Business Compliance & Recycling), and Paul Locke (Acting Deputy Commissioner, Policy & Planning). 
The video of this meeting is available on MassDEP’s new soil management discussion page.
The LSPA was pleased to see a variety of sectors represented including state agencies, environmental consultants, landfill operators, excavating/recycling contractors, and developers.  
Special thanks to LSPA members and others who spoke so convincingly about the current challenges, possible measures for easing the burdens, long term soil re-use options, and other approaches. All need to be seriously considered.
The LSPA hopes this is the beginning of future meetings and discussions with MassDEP to address the issues. 
For more information about this topic from discussion at a September 2021 MassDEP meeting as well as information on closed and open landfills and other solid waste data and regulations, please visit MassDEP’s new soil management discussion page.