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Ensuring Approval and Acceptance of Contaminated Soil  

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  • David Slowick, Emergency Response Section Chief, MassDEP
  • Bryan Dexter, Environmental Sales Account Manager, Ondrick's Soil Remediation Group

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This course, approved for 1.0 DEP Regulatory Credit and 1.0 Technical LSP Credit (#1575B), is a repeat presentation that was last offered in September 2023. This course was also approved for 2.0 NY PE/PG credits (#202411397). Depending on your LSP renewal date, if you received credit then, you may be unable to receive credit for taking this course. Refer to 309 CMR 3.09(2)(c).

Course Description: 
Practicing LSPs and other environmental professionals are often faced with the task of finding appropriate facilities to receive soil generated from MCP disposal sites that contains concentrations of oil or hazardous materials. The Ondrick facility has been a resource for practitioners in this regard for many years, accepting contaminated soil for use in its cold batch asphalt process.

This course provides an overview of the MassDEP policies which govern the acceptance and disposal of these soils, as well as an overview of Ondrick’s soil management processes and an explanation of Ondrick’s approval processes to which environmental professionals must adhere when submitting a pre-qualification package to the facility.  LSPs and environmental professionals will also gain a better understanding of Ondrick’s treatment and recycling processes.

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