MassDEP/LSPA Continuing Education Seminar

MassDEP Audits: Lessons Learned from NOAFs

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Pricing: $80 for each course attendee. 
Course Presenters: 

  • Deborah Marshall-Hewlitt, Audit Section Chief, MassDEP BWSC SERO
  • Crista J. Trapp, Senior Scientist, The Vertex Companies
  • Lawrence McTiernan, P.G., LSP, Principal Hydrogeologist, Roux Associates
  • James H. Zigmont, P.G., LSP, Project Manager, CDM Smith 

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This course has been approved by the LSP Board of Registration for 1.5 DEP Regulatory credits (#1690). This presentation was first made at the LSPA's September 2, 2020 Membership Meeting. If you received DEP Regulatory credit then, you will be unable to also receive DEP Regulatory credit for taking this on-demand course.

Course Description: 
This joint MassDEP and LSPA presentation will provide LSPs with practical takeaways and lessons learned from MassDEP's Notices of Audit Findings (NOAFs).  NOAFs provide insight into the practice areas that MassDEP audits to ensure that response actions conducted at disposal sites comply with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (the MCP). Notices of Noncompliance (NONs) identify violations MassDEP has identified that cause a disposal site to be out of compliance and specify actions to be taken to return to compliance. Understanding common mistakes helps LSPs pro-actively develop more thorough and defensible assessment, remediation, and documentation activities and remain in compliance with the MCP.

The presentation will include:
  • An overview of the LSPA's annual NOAF review process, site issues and categories reviewed, including statistics from previous years, and key takeaways (LSPA).
  • Three NOAF review categories to be presented in more depth, including examples and lessons learned from violations (LSPA).
    • Risk Characterization
    • Temporary Solutions
    • Downgradient Property Status
  • Top Five Things LSPs should know about AUL audits, including emergency excavation and some historical info on amnesty AULs (MassDEP). 

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